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Disappearing mGear Rig when Importing


I have a character fully animated now and textured. However, when I go to Localize the rig for lighting any work I do is gone when I reopen the scene. If I try to change materials on the reference the scene crashes. What is the workflow at this point with Maya and mGear? I can do an Alembic Cache…just mean having to reapply all the shaders again. Not a big deal…just want to make sure I’m doing this right. This may not be/most likely isn’t a mGear thing. I’m guessing is a Maya/workflow thing.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Chris,

From first glance it does not appear to be a mgear related issue, as it does not try to manage references or localization. It appears to be a maya workflow thing. But lets try and figure it out.

How are you “localizing” the rig?
When you say “work that you do” what do you mean?

Is there a reason you need to localize the rig for lighting?

Sorry for all the questions but it helps paint a better picture for us to help.



No worries Raf and I appreciate you responding! Figured it out with what apparently is a “thing” in Maya. I > Optimized the scene and > Removed unknown nodes and than everything worked just fine. I suppose that was a Maya thing! Why localize? I wanted to change the shaders once I got further into lighting. Almost there. I’ll post the work when I’m done.