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Do you prefer the T-pose or A-pose with relaxed fingers


I’m going over the Rigging biped vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i6pE6q0xBk
and I noticed that Miguel is positioning the template with rotated joints. Which do you prefer? Straight joints or a semi-relaxed pose. Which is more common?


Hello @csuarez

There is no short answer to your question as each one give’s different results but in different steps so it’s all a matter of understanding them.

To avoid going into details (unless you need us to) when rigging having straight poses make the joint placement work for riggers easier and modelers life as well (specially if they are inexperienced on body mechanics, proportions…) That been said when modeling straight articulations sometimes this creates unnatural deformation results that rigger will have to deal with later on. And then those riggers as well need to understand not only anatomy but animation needs.

Now relaxed poses demand knowing about rigging mechanics on the modeling side and modelers need to be precise specially when it comes to fingers but if the work is nicely executed and the rigger goes to the process of correctly placing the pivots points then this type of modeling will help getting a more natural deformation result quicker (this does not mean that there wont be extra deformation work on top such as corrective shapes, or extra joints or muscle deformation work…)

Hope this helps already. Keep in mind that the same type of questioning applies when deciding whether or not you are modeling on T pose or A pose. You need to understand how that affects all the departments in a production.