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Edir components after draw


i would like to know if its possible to add the possibility to edit the components after those have been created.

For example:

1 have created 1 chain component with 3 joints and then i want to have 4 joints instead of 3 while keeping the component and its position, rotation etc. I would just need to “edit” the component and redraw it with 4 joints instead of 3.

is that easily possible?

Thank you

Hello @actoratwork

Some of the chain components have an editable number of skin joints when building on the settings so you can edit this on the guide. But I bet you are saying joints when you mean guide locators? If so then do you need the new locator to be put after the others while the others keep the exact same position or do you need the new locators to replace themselves on an average position depending on what was build before? Either case this is something that Shifter allows automatically. If you need one more locator on your guide then I recommend drawing a new chain with the extra locator needed and then snap that new one to the old one. Finally delete the old one and rename the new to whatever suits you best.


Hello @actoratwork

That is an option that I would like to add in the future. For the moment a work around for chains is just to duplicate the latest locator (The yellow sphere) and renamed manually correctly. Later parent to the previous locator.
Note that the visual line will be not connected. But that is ok, if you duplicate or export/import the guide the visual line will be rebuild correctly

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