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Empty Transform Node Being Created

Hello ladies and gets.

I have a very strange bug happening with mGear.
I have 2 identical guides in my files.
One of them was created in the file and the other was saved and exported with the “Export Guide Template” from the SAME GUIDE that was just created

The one that was originally created in the file works just fine. But the newly imported one for what ever reason is adding a Transform Node in the base joint hierarchy that its creating. Any one know why?

This is how the original one looks :

and this is the imported one :

here is a link to the file you can grab from my google drive (i’m Using maya 2020.04): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y1Gp1-p3b4HM2_yRjEogaFnDQz4HrjcS/view?usp=sharing

As always, Ty for taking the time to look into this.

That’s a Maya thing.

Even if the values are showing up as neutral, you’ll need to make sure your parent joints and transforms all have 1,1,1 scaling and 0,0,0 shear values, all the way up the hierarchy.

It’s likely just tiny scaling values from IK/stretch that got exported out with the joints.

I will check the guide. That should not happen :stuck_out_tongue:
I meant is a Maya thing, but ideally should be avoided by ensuring that there is not scaling values in the parent joints, like @chrislesage commented :smiley:

But i thought we could freely scale the guides no? I’m not actually scaling any joints it was just the guides that were scaled here and there (and i always do it uniformly unless i messed something up this time around) the extra transform gets added upon generation.

also i did the same test with creating brand new guides and just snapping them to the positions of the old one and i get the same thing that happens. i don’t know if that info helps

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So I’ve been messing around with this for the past hour or so. I kept building my set up step by step and at every new change/addition i would export it, and then re-import it into my file to see if i would get the addition of that strange transform.

And I think I’ve found where it happens. (still no clue as to why, but hey at least its something right?)

The second i add more than ONE “IK Reference Array” joints to the EPIC_leg_01 controller (in this case the Body and the Root) and then export the guide and bring it back in. I have that transform. Its fine if i have just the Body or the Root. but the second i have both the transform appears.
(it also only seems to be present on the LEFT side and not on the right witch is strange since i build the left side first and i Dup/Symmed it)

I really hope this helps narrow down what is going on.


(Sorry for the spammy messages)


Thanks for the feedback.
I will check this ASAP.

But just to confirm the guide can be scaled and is not affecting the result.
What I meant that should not be scaled is the resulting joints in the rig :wink:

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I have the same issue also with the epic_leg. I made my own post cus i wasnt able to post pictures here
Transform node on mirrored guides - mGear Framework Forum (mgear-framework.com)

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Okay the issue seems to be with the Epic_Leg component as the Epic_mannequin_leg component works fine :grimacing:

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Just posting here the same ticket from the other thread to track this

Hey team!

Here I’m having the same issue, but in this case we’re no using epic components. We’re using the component “leg_2jnt_freeTangents_01”

In my case I having and empty tranform in the left leg in the skeleton. I’ve fixed in some case mirroring the component leg from one side to another side, but I’m no sure what is happening.

Here the file. mGear4.0.7 in maya 2022 (running in python 2)


Many thanks in advance!

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