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Epic_foot_01 and foot_bk_01 Connector missing footCnx definition

FK/IK switching isn’t working on default quadruped templates; looking at the code, the message attribute isn’t defined when using the connectors leg ms 2jnt, leg 3jnt. Only for the leg 2jnt components

Looks like an oversight and this should be defined so the switching code can find the corresponding child components.

I’ve added a patch into our custom_steps, buts please check this is correct.

        # add message connections to parent component.
        # this connection will be used to track the ctl relation when IK/FK
        # match is performed
        self.parent_comp.root.addAttr("footCnx", at="message", m=False)
        self.root.message >> self.parent_comp.root.footCnx
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Also, unless I’m missing the intention of both Foot components, I think the match transform is incorrectly parented.

So I’ve also added this line in the components.

def connect_leg_3jnt_01(self):
    pm.parent(self.parent_comp.match_fk3, self.bk_ctl[-1])

Thanks for the feedback @Dave_Moulder I will check it ASAP