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EPIC_neck with wrong joint names?

Hello everybody!
I think I found a bug in one of the mGear guide templates/settings - the “EPIC_neck_01” to be more specific. If you create that template and look at the “Joints Description Names”, it says “Spine_##”. Shouldn’t that be “Neck_##”? Because, if you build this e.g. from one of the complete “EPIC MetaHuman” Templates, with this naming scheme, it builds the spine before and then when building the neck finds the already existing spine bones and won’t create the neck joints.
Also when building with an existing MetaHuman skeleton in the scene, it doesn’t connect the neck.

Setting the value to “neck_##” seems to be a workaround for this, however, I’m not sure, if there is any other implication to this.

Is this actually a bug?

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From my understanding, then yes it should be set to neck_
This is just a template component and you can create your own if you dare (its not very difficult) with the right naming.

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Also make sure to change the neck divisions to 1 instead of the default 2

Alright! Thanks a lot for the reply!

Thanks for the feedback. Just let you know that the issue was fixed some time ago.

just ran into this myself. the EPIC_neck_01 by itself or as part of EPIC MetaHuman guide template defaults to spine_## in Joints Description Names tab in 4.0.9 release from April.

changing to neck_## will build neck correctly. Reset will change back to strong text