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Epic_spines issue

Hi, I have some questions about spines bones.
Why spine_01 bone oriented like as pelvis bone, in that way I have got not a perfect mesh pelvis orientation in minimum bones case

p.s. how can I change position of Spine_01 in ‘cartoon’ spine, it’s too close to pelvis bone and have same orientation… (it’s little bit embarrassing)
I’m using mgear 4.0.3 maya 2020

Hello @Max_T
I will check the spine orientation isssue. thanks for the feedback
About changing the spine_01 joint in the cartoon spine try to edit the value in this line

same issue with neck, no rotations

Old topic but I have just created a ticket to review it :sweat_smile:

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Finally, I have the time to check this ticket.
Has been a long time, sorry.
I think there is no issue with the behavior since we have another control to move the pelvis

same for the neck

Closing the ticket. We can talk and re-open it again if needed. Cheers

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