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Export Guides broken in v3.6.0?


When I export a Guide and import it again it comes with all the parts separate.

when exporting I get this error:

select -r guide ;
Checking guide
Get options
Get controllers
Get components
Can’t find parameter ‘joint_names’ in guide|global_C0_root
global_C0 (control_01)
Can’t find parameter ‘joint_names’ in guide|global_C0_root|local_C0_root
local_C0 (control_01)
Can’t find parameter ‘joint_names’ in guide|global_C0_root|local_C0_root|body_C0_root
body_C0 (control_01)
Can’t find parameter ‘joint_names’ in guide|global_C0_root|local_C0_root|body_C0_root|spine_C0_root
spine_C0 (spine_ik_01)
Can’t find parameter ‘joint_names’ in spine_C0_eff|spineUI_C0_root
spineUI_C0 (control_01)

I reverted to v3.2.0 and it fixes the problem.

can you share the guide that is having issues?

Sure thing!,

Hi @Camilo_Vanegas

which version of maya are you using? is Maya 2019, correct? because have mental ray nodes dependencies.

Also have a node that install a menu for TSM

About the export issue it was because the guide is not updated. The key information was at the end of the error log

Use the update guide command to update it :wink:

FYI: if the guide is already exported in the latest mGear version it will update it automatically at import time



Amazing! Thank you! hahah now I see the mess I have in there. lol.

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