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Eyes rig issue with corner joints

Hello community,

i have a problem with my eyes rig. I used 3.0.3 version and it didn’t work. Than i switch to 3.4 and it doesn’t work as well. I create all and than try to open the eyes. that works, but when i try to use the blink attribute it works incorrectly. Right joints doesn’t follow the hierarchy. they stay at the start position. I try all possibilities in eyes rig GUI, but without result. May be someone get an idee what can I change ? What will be cool. Thanks for your support.

best Regards

Hi Konstantin,

I think there are often some problems on the right side of the eye. I am working on a Pull Request to submit, but I haven’t had time to fully bug test it yet, and I have not caught up with the latest mGear release. I wrote this for mGear 3.2, but it should work for 3.4 too (but you might lose some new features).

I added a function called march_vertex() which helps discover the upper and lower edgeloops in the eye. When the right eye collapses, or makes funny shapes, this change has worked so far and made the right side more stable.

It’s useful when the eye is at a tilt, or when the eye is on the side, like on a bird or animal.

Here is what you can try:

  1. Make a backup of your mGear scripts.
  2. Replace ../scripts/mgear/rigbits/facial_rigger/ with the following script:
  3. You might have to restart Maya for it to take effect.

Thanks you so much. It works perfectly. I merged both files together and it works to. Best support every .
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Ok great, thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to prioritize getting that fix tested and PR requested for the latest mGear.


I think this can be a bug too. First i create the right side and than the left. Than mirror the weights to left. The order is not the same. r_jointA from right side is not at the same position n the left side. I had to reconnect the links in ngskin tools and than it worked correctly.

best regards