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Facial Data-Centric Rigging ( Eye Brows )

Hey guys. I’m just about to finish Data centric Youtube playlist and it’s awesome! I had no idea about rigging whatsoever and nearly managed to make one with just Mgear. That’s huge! Miguel, thanks!

I have a question, in the rigging tutorial 23_Facial Data-Centric Rigging the rig appears with eye brows and eyes rigged ( which is very nice ). But I can’t find this step anywhere else? or is there a paid version to get a full tutorial?

I tried a cowboy way of manipulating scripts and making a brow_ctrl slide on top of the surface ( Surprisingly it worked and I had a whole bottle of champagne ready, waiting for me as I felt a like a superhero managed to do something without a tutorial ).

I used a mouth_slide script just changed names to eyebrow, which is probably very abusive and inappropriate way of using this script. It created a blendshape head_geo which then is projected to my non local geo I suppose? still trying to work this out but it did the job.

But the problem that EyeBrows are on the different geo so if i skin them to a blendshape they are left behind when I move the rig… if I skin them to another geo ( im still confused with local / non local ) it works but doesn’t move the brows hah

Kind people of mgear, just for a second imagine if you need to teach a crocodile to speak Italian. Is there a way to make this work and connect to specifically this " tutorial " setting type rig : ) many thanks in advance!

In mgear --> Rigbits --> Facial Rigger, you’ll find tools for rigging the eyes, lips, and most importantly for you, brows. It works by having you fill out the input fields, then running the tool to build that part of the rig. Alternatively, you can save the data out as a json file, so you can either run the tool via a post custom step or import the data into the fields automatically. Either way, you will want to use these tools after you’ve built the main rig. The face in the video you mentioned used all three of these tools.

Also, there’s a better version of the eye rigger directly below the facial rigger that offers a few more options for the number of joints in the eyelids. The first eye rigger tool is there for legacy purposes.

As for connecting the brows to the face, SHAPES has a blendshape transfer tool that allows you to copy blendshapes from one mesh to another, regardless of topology, by making use of Maya’s wrap deformer. You can find it in the SHAPES gui by going to Tools --> Transfer Setup...

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