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Facial Rigger / eye_Mid_ctl / Mirror

Hello hardworking people

Version 4.2.0
Maya 2024

These controls do not have a good mirror.

For example, this control eye_L_upInMid_ctl affects eye_R_lowOutMid_ctl instead of eye_R_upInMid_ctl

I tried to solve the problem but failed, and having a mirror on your eyes is helpful. Does anyone have experience fixing this?

Thanks in advance


could you please explain a little bit more your process to get this ?

Hello Herve,

Eye rig is the default without any advanced edit

eye mirror

Hello Kosta,

could you please show me guides and parameters ? And, a screenshot from EyeRigger because you don’t have to get this kind of problem.

Check following screenShots, be carefull of invert mirror attributes.
Normally, you don’ have to set them for eyes but I need to know how are your parameters before build rig.

Eyelids mirror :

Here, for shoulders I need to set this :

Mirror :

Let me know :wink:


Hello Herve,

I tried again to build, but not successfully.
The problem is that the names have swapped…
The inner control is called “out,” and the outer is called “in.”

Thank you!

I’m having the exact same issue. Did you ever find a solution? It’s a bit too late to simply rename the controls correctly, as that would break existing animation and poses, so hopefully there is another solution. Thanks.

In my opinion, you can spend the time to redo your animation or poses. Or you can spend the time to potentially write a custom function for mirroring, so it uses the wrong names on purpose. But I think either way you’ll have to spend time to fix it.

If you’re committed to your rigs as they are built, this is no longer an issue about this bug report. You might actually want to avoid upgrading to the fixed version until your project is done.

Or if you fix the names, maybe you can repair your animation:

How are you storing your anim and poses? If they are stored in Studio Library, maybe the file format can be edited directly to swap the names. Or you could write a Python script to swap the connections to the animation curves.

yes, of course, we’ll need to spend time fixing it. the best solution for us, assuming no one else replies with a solution, is to write a custom script for mirroring the eyes specifically that we will use for all existing rigs.

for any new rigs moving forward, we’ll write a script that fixes the naming so that we won’t need a custom mirroring script to mirror the eyes.

animation/poses are stored in studio library.

i don’t entirely understand what you mean here. i definitely think this would be worth fixing. we are using the facial rigger, not eyerigger 2.0, as we prefer the functionality of the eye rig generated by the facial rigger.

Because you said “It’s a bit too late to simply rename the controls correctly”.

Of course the bug should be fixed. But since you said you wouldn’t rename them, then I thought you were looking for some alternative workaround.

Oh i see, yes, that makes sense. I am looking for a workaround! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I haven’t found a solution yet (except to make a script like Chrislesage said), so I’ve put off saving the anime library for lids until someone more expert than I fixes it and publishes it. Thanks for your input on this issue :slight_smile:

@Kosta I haven’t had any time to test this because I don’t have Maya 2024 yet, and I’m working in older versions of mGear for a couple projects. I never noticed this naming problem, so I’m still curious if it’s a Maya 2024 problem, or a settings problem.

I was re-reading this thread. I noticed in your screenshots that you don’t have “Set Manual Vertex Corners” checked. So the tool won’t use those vertex values you entered. It will automatically attempt to detect them.

Can you please try again and check that box? Do you get a different result?

@AC10 can you please share more info too? What version of Maya? What version of mGear? Can you share a screenshot or a JSON file of your eye rigger settings? Is it possible you didn’t have “Set Manual Vertex Corners” checked?

Maybe the bug exists only when it is not checked. (Just a wild guess.)

I’m using Maya 2022.3 in Linux, mGear version 4.1.0. I do not use “Set Manual Vertex Corners”, and I use the Facial Rigger, not Eyelid Rigger 2.0. When I do enable “Set Manual Vertex Corners” and specify verts, I get very odd results… it basically was not generating the rig. It was odd.

In that case, you’re likely getting errors in the script editor saying what went wrong, or no?

If you set the manual vertices, you must make sure they lie on the same edge-loop you selected. Otherwise the edge-marching algorithms will fail. To make it easier to select, I always select my edge-loop, and then convert it to vertex-mode (shift-F9 I think), and then deselect everything except the corners I want. Then I’m certain.

Yes, everything works as it should when a button is activated that I don’t know for some reason I ignored. Maybe it’s time for me to move on to agriculture!

Thank you, Chrislesage!

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Ok cool! Then I’ll restate: It seems the flipped control bug is related to the automatic vertex function. And it’s possible it’s only related to certain meshes, for some unknown reason. Or possibly to the Maya version.

One last question for you. Are you working in cm as a unit in Maya?

Chrislesage, yes, cm is the default in my pipeline

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going to try one more time this morning and report back. it’s very possible the verts i selected were not on the same edge loop.

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i must have selected vertices that were not on the specified edge loop when i tried it the first time. tried it again, this time being more careful, and voila! it works! :champagne:


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