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Facial rigger isn't python 3 compatible

this just happened when I tried to open the facial rigger on maya 2022

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was fixed here https://github.com/mgear-dev/mgear4/pull/67
Not yet released :sweat_smile:


Is it the same error?

I have issue with mGear that I cannot open Facial rigger at all. Everything works but not this. :frowning:

Hi @pkarbosski yes it seems like it is the same error. If you can’t wait for the fix to be released, you can grab the code from the link Miquel listed.

Or if you are comfortable scripting, you can search the file for the word “print”.

If you see


replace it with


And it should fix that error.

I think the only file that needs fixing is:


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Thank you for VERY quick respond! I’ll try to repair it tomorrow.

I copied whole init.py and lips_rigger.py from Miquel’s link and it works.
I tried to add brackets but I could do SOMETHING :slight_smile: wrong and it did not fix the issue in the end.

Once again, thanks guys for your hard work!


I thought that I solved the problem with FacialRigger. I managed to open it but I still can’t build a blink eye. Such an error pops up when I wanna create an eye.

I took bi-ped from template and tried to add blink to the already egxistning setup. Nothing fancy.

Any ideas how to solve the issue?

You might have to also take the eye_rigger file, or the entire facial_rigger or rigbits directory from the development repository. But please understand, if you take some files from the dev repository, you might cause some compatibility issues with other files, and cause different bugs.

Are you comfortable with scripting/programming? If not, it might be safer to wait for an official release with the fixes. (For me, I have 4.0.3 installed for testing, but I still use 3.7.11 in production, and I was using 3.6 up until last week, for compatibility until I finished a project.)