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"Fatal Error" with animBot loaded


I just noticed that creating 2 guide components in a row, while having animBot loaded, gives a “Fatal error” in Maya 2018.
Unloading animBot fixes the problem :grinning:

maybe this is something to do how my Maya .env or directories are setup, but just wanted to let you guys know of this situation.



Hi @Gui thanks for the heads up here.
I know in the past we had issue with animbot in the studio with one of the beta versions. As far I know the issue was fixed, but in some point was breaking all the Qt bindings. Not only mGear but all our pipeline tools.

I will keep an eye on this.

Are you using the latest version of Animbot?



In the Tech Artists Online Slack, some people were just talking about how animBot breaks a bunch of stuff in all sorts of pipelines! :anguished:


@Miquel, Yes latest version. If I’m not mistaken it’s version 1.1.18


@Gui Thanks I will check at the office today