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Fbx blendshape export weirdness

I was wondering if anyone has experienced an fbx export for blendshapes not showing up like the file file?
Example, everything is baked down on the geo where the blendshape data lives. But when looking at the export in maya the animation is off. Some blendshape channels not firing properly.

However, if this is hooked up in Unity it seems to work ok.

Any ideas?

Hello @Benn
Maybe it’s your FBX import options that have the animation setting off?

Hey Jerome.
Potentially, however I do see the animation on other areas of the face firing. Just on random places like eye blink on one side or brow inner not firing.

Are you using:

  • corrective shapes
  • in-between shapes
  • negative weights
  • masks in the Shape Editor
  • animating the envelopes of any groups in the Shape Editor?

Any of that stuff could be causing trouble.

Thanks for the reply Chris.
The blendshape setup is for the face. The head is skinned to a head joint.

I’m not using correctives, just around 100 blendshapes based on the FACS setup.