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Finger IK space switch

Hey there,

first of all - thanks so much for mgear! It’s absolutely the most phenomenal way of rigging and I could never think of going back…

I’m currently struggling with some IK ref switching while using the simple chain_01 for the fingers of my characters. The IK reference array includes the shoulder, local and armUI controls. Each finger has it’s own “fingerSettings” control_01 control for IK/FK blending. My problem is: when I try to use one of the new “right mouse button”-functions like space switching or switch chain to IK/FK the script doesn’t search for the actual name of the component (which would be “finger”) but for the “type” of the component instead ( fingerSettings_L1_ctl.chain_L1_ctl ).

How should I fix this?


Hi @Daniel_van_Westen, welcome to the forum ! :+1:

Yes this is an issue I have to solve for next release that doesn’t have a fix on rig right now. I hope this will be fully working on next release we will do.

The Dag/Viewport menu is still pretty fresh and I am discovering some issues with it that I need to address.

Will keep you posted but for now you can’t switch/snap certain components with the Viewport menu.

Hi Jerome, thanks for the fast answer!