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Fix weighting issues

Somehow i managed to scatter weights from the eye joints all over the body. How do i fix that? Just painting zero for the eye joints does give me even more troubles.

Hi @oglu there is a setting in the skinCluster that can help prevent this.

Weight Distribution: Neighbors. Was yours set to “Distance”? Neighbors was a new algorithm that they introduced that is supposed to stop that random weight explosion. But for some reason I don’t think it is default in the options, and it should be.

Otherwise, do you know when and how it happened? What were you doing? Were you using any other weight painting tool?

But I don’t know any way to fix that. Do you have any backups or anything? This is why I almost never skin without using ngSkin layers.

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I will give that setting a try and start over again. Havnt done that much work. I have no idea how that happened.

Ngskin is one complexity layer to much. I do skinpainting only every 6 month.