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Flip/mirror doesn't work with lower case side labels

In anim_utils.py, it only checks to see if the node name has “_L_” or “_R_” in the name to see if it’s a side module, which doesn’t work if it instead has something else due to a change in the guide template’s control side naming convention. For example, my rigs have “_l_” and “_r_” to denote the left and right sides, but the tool sees them as center pieces. I believe the control mirror/flip tools would be a lot more robust if anim_utils.isSideElement and anim_utils.swapSideLabel were to work based off of the control side name rule instead of a static “_L_” and “_R_” check.

The check would also have to take into account the underscores on the left and right side of the control side name. For example: