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Four Arms Biped

Hi everyone! Im discoverying this amazing tools! Really appreciate the development of this.
I would like to build a Biped with four arms. But I dont really know how to make the connection
with the Biped Template. I would like to have an extra arm full with hand an fingers, and its own
Host control. Maybe I dont understand so much how to do the custom connections in templates like adding extra prop joints or joints for clothe/chains. Thank you for this tools, I have been using HIK all this time and this is amazing.

If you select the arm_L0_root guide and run Shifter->Duplicate you should get a second arm including hand and fingers. You may want to duplicate from shoulder_L0_root if you want a separate shoulder as well. After fitting the new components run Shifter->Duplicate Sym to mirror.

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Thank you so much Aerys! Cheers!

When I do the duplicate everything is OK, but the Host of the first arm is driving the second arm.
So when i change from IK to FK, both arms are affected by the Host of the first arm, the second
is nos free at all. Do you know how I could make this second arm with its own Host component?

Yes, open each of the guide settings for all the components in your new arm. You’ll need to look for where the settings are referring to objects in your old arm.

For example, open the limb component. And your “Channels Host Settings” (the UIHost settings) will still likely be set to the old arm.

  1. Make sure you have a duplicate UIHost for the new limb. If the UIHost was parented under the limb you duplicated, you already should have a new UIHost.
  2. Open the guide settings on ALL the components in the new limb, and set it to the new UIHost.
  3. Also check all your ikRef and other space switches to make sure you are switching to objects on the new limb, instead of the old limb.