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Free Tangent Mirror Bug

I noticed an issue with the ik_ctl not mirroring correctly when enabling the Mirror IK Ctl option. I think it came down to the y axis not being inverted. I duplicated line 169 to resolve the issue. Can anyone reproduce this bug?


Thanks for the feedback @izze I will check this ASAP

I should have posted a image of the build to better explain. It’s possible that I somehow introduced this error. But I honestly don’t see how. That is why I asked if anyone else could reproduce.

While I am here. I want to ask about the chain_net component. We unfortunately have to scale our rigs. And I noticed that the chain net is only scaling on X. Is there a reason for this that I am not aware of? I modified the component to scale on all axis, and I do not see any negative repercussions. But again, I might be missing something. Thank you!