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Global scaling for "blend_leg_L0_0_jnt" and "blend_leg_R0_0_jnt" is incorrect


As shown in the picture, using blend joints in the assembly, I found a small problem, the global scaling of “blend_leg_L0_0_jnt” and “blend_leg_R0_0_jnt” is incorrect.

The reason I analyzed is that the scale attribute of the joint “spine_C0_0_jnt” is acceptable for global scaling, and the two joints “blend_leg_L0_0_jnt” and “blend_leg_R0_0_jnt” are not below the top level of the “spine_C0_0_jnt” joint level, so the global cannot be completed. Zoom.

My solution is to break the “.scale” attribute of the two joints “blend_leg_L0_0_jnt” and “blend_leg_R0_0_jnt” in the post custom step, and use the “leg_L0_0_jnt” and “leg_R0_0_jnt” respectively to the scaling constraints “blend_leg_L0_0_jnt” and “blend_leg_R0_0_jnt”. , and finally completed the global zoom.

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hello everybody

Here I clarify the views held before this post. In the later work, I found that the tips I shared with you before are not correct, and the global zoom still has problems.

Say sorry to everyone here, I don’t want to mislead anyone, I just want to share my tips.

Here’s the new solution I found. After verifying that it works, it is correct so far.

The yellow label on the left is the node connection created by default, and the blue label on the right is the node connection after the change.

I apologize for the incorrect guidelines


Hello @fury_Night

Thanks for the feed back and information, I will check this ASAP.

My apologies for the late reply in this topic.

EDIT: I have log it here:



Thank you for your attention!
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