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Global scaling for "blend_leg_L0_0_jnt" and "blend_leg_R0_0_jnt" is incorrect


As shown in the picture, using blend joints in the assembly, I found a small problem, the global scaling of “blend_leg_L0_0_jnt” and “blend_leg_R0_0_jnt” is incorrect.

The reason I analyzed is that the scale attribute of the joint “spine_C0_0_jnt” is acceptable for global scaling, and the two joints “blend_leg_L0_0_jnt” and “blend_leg_R0_0_jnt” are not below the top level of the “spine_C0_0_jnt” joint level, so the global cannot be completed. Zoom.

My solution is to break the “.scale” attribute of the two joints “blend_leg_L0_0_jnt” and “blend_leg_R0_0_jnt” in the post custom step, and use the “leg_L0_0_jnt” and “leg_R0_0_jnt” respectively to the scaling constraints “blend_leg_L0_0_jnt” and “blend_leg_R0_0_jnt”. , and finally completed the global zoom.

Looking forward to your better approach

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