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Guides get named L0_L0


I can’t reproduce this reliably. But sometimes, when I rename a guide, I end up with “leg_L0_L0_root” instead of "leg_L0_root"

Only the root has the incorrect name. All the children are fine.

I think it happens when I’m renaming the guide in the settings UI. But not always. Possibly when an old guide used to have the same name. For example, I am deleting a leg_2jnt_01 module and replacing it with a leg_3jnt_01 module with the same name.

When I go to build the rig, I get an error because it expects to find that guide root:

Object missing : leg_L0_root
# Error: line 1: root
# Traceback (most recent call last):

... not relevant error messages here

To fix it, I have to rename the guide from leg_L0_L0_root, back to leg_L0_root manually.


It just happened again on a control_01 module. I opened the guide and changed which control was the “Channels Host Settings” control. I did not rename or reindex the control_01. But the name did get changed to clavicle_R1_R1_root.

(And yes the index of 1 is correct. That did not change.)

Hmm… It actually changed 3 of my root nodes on 3 different guides, as I changed the channels host.

Also, this is mGear 3.0.3
Windows 10, Maya 2018.5


mGear is not so tolerant about renaming its modules, not sure if the devs team can deal with such an issue without a need to re-write lots of mGear’s code -am just thinking in loud words :thinking: -


I know about this bug, it is an old one. The issue is that is hard to replicate consistently, so hard to fix

Please let me know if you find a way to replicate it :slight_smile: