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Hand roll functionality


i would like to know if someone has tried to achieve a hand roll with mgear nodes (like foot roll but for the hands). If yes, i would be gratefull for approach tips!

thank you

Nobody has an idea ?

What is this for?

Personally as an animator, I would just create a locator at the tip of the finger I want to rotate from, then constraint the hand IK control to that locator to finally animate the roll from that locator.

I think a hand roll is too specific to be put on a rig.

for some animations where the hand is layed down on a table and needs to roll over the nuckles and then finger tips

Yeah this is too specific to be set in the rig. The animator should create their own Fk chain starting from the tip of the fingers.

I had something a bit similar a while back to animate where a character fainted and landed on her knees then hips. I didn’t expect a feature to be set on the rig and created my FK chain starting around the ankles off screen up to the constrained IK hips then animated the body using that FK chain.

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thank you!

in this case its for a game project with many animations. The rig must be set up and cannot be altered by the animators