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How do i rig a snake?

Please which guide template will i use to rig a 1.snake 2.half man half snake character

There is no template for a half man half snake character. You’re going to have to do some rigging. :slight_smile:

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please, can you point me in the right direction im willing to go on this journey, rig blocking etc

You need to start by pointing us in the right direction.

  • Have you ever rigged a snake before? Are you trying to learn how to rig a snake for the first time, or how to rig a snake in mGear?
  • What have you already tried? Where are you getting stuck?
  • Have you googled it yet? What tutorials have you looked at?
  • What is the style, or realism level?

If you give more information, it will be easier to help you. mGear isn’t magic. You still have to do some work.

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I see a snake post on Linkedin. This is not a tutorial, but it might have some ideas to get started:

i have never rigged a snake before
i have attached a picture of my last rig

i ggogled it,i didnt find any" how to" i only saw videos like the link you posted
i rig with auto riggers
i am willing to learn
i like the example in the youtube video

i am trying to learn how to rig a snake for the first time.
want it to be vfx realistic like "medu clash of the titans remake
this is my model

Although it is a blender solution, the rigging principles can be applied to your own rig in Maya, so it might be useful for you to look at Pierrick Picaut approach to tentacles:


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thank you mr Milio :heart_eyes:

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