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How to learn rigging using this library?

i dont even know from where to start ?
any tips tutorials how to use it on freshly modeled character ?

Hi @ccfly

Miquel has made some video tutorials to show the whole process.

Do you already know how to rig? Honestly, if you are just learning how to rig, I don’t think you should start with mGear, which is an entire framework for TDs. Learning how to rig is tough. Learning rigging+mGear at the same time is going to be even more challenging.

I suggest that you get familiar with some basic rigging techniques first, so you understand what’s going on. Rigging Dojo wrote a good article that covers some resources to look into: Learning Character Rigging - Rigging Dojo

Then once you are more familiar with the basics, it will be a lot easier to learn, use, and customize mGear.

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