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How to replace curveCns node


which Maya Node can i use to replace this Mgear Curve constraint Node

There is no such node in Maya. Maybe in Bifrost you can do some math to achieve this.

Hi @kolade the curveCns node is just a way to attach the CVs of a curve to control objects. What I do to remove it is this:

  1. For every control, make a joint, and call it something like *_rigjnt
  2. Constrain the _rigjnt to each control.
  3. Delete construction history on the curve. (If you delete the curveCns, sometimes the curve will flip, depending how it was setup. But if you delete history, it will freeze the curve in that position, and delete the curveCns.)
  4. Skin the curve to those new _rigjnts. (You could also use clusters instead of a skinCluster.)

Here is a Python snippet. For each mgear_curveCns, it will find all the input controls, and the curve it is controlling. So you can use that information as a starting point to script a way to automate the steps I listed above.

import pymel.core as pm
for curveCns in pm.ls(type='mgear_curveCns'):
    inputControls = curveCns.inputs(type='transform')
    outCurve = curveCns.outputs(type='nurbsCurve')[0]
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i like to use point matrix mult going into curves control point attrs

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