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Lips Rigger Parent

If i try to move the Lips root into my rig structure it stops working.
It does only work if its in the rig root.

Is that a problem?
How do i move it below the head hierarchy?


hello @oglu

Sorry for the late reply :stuck_out_tongue:
to be honest I am guess should be working, but I need to check. Did you find a solution?

Yes, but i cant remember how i solved it.

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i also face that issues canu solve

how you solved that issues

Hi @Michel_Satish what issue do you have?

oglu only said “stops working”. But that is not specific enough to help. Can you please say what issue you have?

You need to make sure your controllers follow the rig. Constrain them to the head. You need to make sure the wire deformer curves do not follow the rig, otherwise you might get double-transforms.

Other than that, you need to be more specific, please.

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yes if i scale to my full control eyelid not follow i think some scale constraint issues have im using adv skeleton tool so which folder i select to parent for your parent rig option

Whatever you choose in the GUI options, you might still need to adjust your rig, by scale constraining things to follow your head control. Or the head skeleton. There might still be some steps that you need to complete, manually.

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