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IK FK does not match with softness after reset

Using mGear version 4.0.9, there is an issue with using the IK FK switch on EPIC_arm_01 and EPIC_leg_01 where the match starts introducing a very big bend with “FK rest T pose” enabled and softness on the host:

You can reproduce this by using “Game Biped Template, Y-Up”, building the rig, and then following these steps:

  1. enter T-pose on the arms and/or legs by going to FK and resetting them
  2. set softness to a non-zero value like 0.5
  3. switch from FK to IK using the right-click menu on the host

Instead of a straight arm or leg, you will see a big bend in the elbow like this.

Hi @Billy_Shih
Sorry for the late reply. I will check this ASAP
The new ticket is here

Hi @Billy_Shih
Sorry for the late reply, I am checking now the ticket.
Yes, the issue is there with the arms totally stretched but this is a limitation of the logic calculating the triangle of a plane that doesn’t exist when the arm is totally stretched than a component issue :sweat_smile:

The match needs a little angle to define a triangle that will inform the arm plane.
I am going a close the ticket.

Sadly, also softIK is not supported since it works by stretching the arm a little

Just out of curiosity, do you have situations when you need to match IK/FK in a 100% perfect straight arm?

as a workaround just add a little angle to the pose, for example -.1 in z axis will fix the issue.