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IK-FK Error Using mGear Viewport Menu

Hello dear community and developers of mGear!.

I’m getting the following error while using the mGear Viewport menu. This happens when I select the Host control and try to switch between IK-FK and viceversa and also while parent switching between available options. Hope you can help me out figuring why this happens.

Many thanks and have a great weekend.!

Here’s the screenshot of the error:

mgear_IK-FK issue|690x193

Hello @LuigiGT are you using the spider-man rig from @iamwat, with the new mGear?
If that is the case, it will not work since the new versions of mgear are using metadata that was not present in the old version
can you confirm your mGear version?

Hello @Miquel , yes I’m using the spider-man rig and using the newest mGear release (mGear 4.0.3). Thank you so much for the answer, really appeciate it.