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IK/FK Match breaks the Host control after moving Foot Roll attribute using Channel Wrangler causing the host control transformations to be zeroed out

Hello, So Basically the roll attribute is causing the control that is on, to zero out all transformations when matching IK/FK. By default the foot roll is on legUI control that already has all attributes locked, so it’s not noticeable. However after I used the ChannelWrangler to move the roll attribute to the Foot IK control. I noticed the issue.

Also when using the roll values and match IK/FK back and forth, the roll an bank attributes are not reset to zero causing double transformation every time you match IK/FK. I could make new host control and lock its attribute, but that’s not too convenient as I want to have less controls. Thanks.
Maya Version: 2022.5
mGear Version: 4.0.9

so my current workaround is to leave the roll attributes on the legUI and add post script to create new set of attributes on the foot control and connect them. Then on the IK/FK match script in the AnimPicker, I added some lines to reset the roll attributes to zero. But not sure if there is a way to update the IK/FK match in the Viewport Menu as well without changing the original modules.

Hi @Gabriel
I will not consider this a bug. The IK/FK match expects to have certain attrs in the same control.
I know is not ideal and moving channels should always work with all the tools, but sadly the complexity in certain operations is exponential.
I will research this with a little time ASAP.
One option is to use proxy channels in channel wrangler but depending of the maya version, proxy channels have issues with animation layers.
Also I think your solution is totally OK, but I am afraid will not work when using the right click context menu :sweat_smile:


ok, good to know, thanks for your response.