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IK FK switch doesn't match

Hi !

I’m having trouble with the IK FK switch match…
It works perfectly when I just move the wrist in IK but if I move the rest of the controls, or if I move too much in FK it doesn’t match after that.

Is it normal ?

Hi ammechag,

Just needs some more information.

  • What version of mGear are you using? (and Maya version just to be safe)
  • What IK/FK switch match are you using? In the right-click menu? The Anim Picker? Synoptic? Python code?
  • When it doesn’t match, do you get any errors or warnings in your script editor output?
  • What limb component are you using in your rig?
  • Does it work on your legs?
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I’m using Mgear 3.6.0 and maya 2020.3
I used the right click menu on the leg_3jnt_01, It s a quadruped I dont have arms.
It doesn’t get errors or warnings it just isn’t the same shape for IK and FK, it doesn’t take the pole vector valor it seems .
A friend of mine is using the biped guide and seems to have the same problem, when she moves in FK it doesn t always match perfectly in IK.
hope it’s clearer that way, I can send you my test scene or screenshots if you like as well.


mgear 3.7 fixes many of the issues with right-click menu and matching. The leg_3jnt should be working. But the rig needs to be rebuilded, since the new system adds more metadata to the controls and also use message connections

Thank you it works way better for the match from IK to FK but the other way around still isn’t a perfect match…