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Ik reverse hand setup



For getting the ball, toe and heel movements of the leg we use the ‘foot_bk’ component. I tried doing the same setup with hands but got confused along the way. Could anyone please give me some pointers for achieving palm roll and stuff like that with ‘arm_2jnt_01’. That would be really helpful.



Im having the same problem at the moment, have you had any luck?


I haven’t got to it. I’ve been busy with other production work which probably will be done in a week. Once I am done with it i’ll look into it again.


At the very least I have been looking at a video on http://discourse.techart.online/t/how-to-do-reverse-finger-rig-set-up/2047/4 and trying to implement that into what im doing, ill let you know too :slight_smile: