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Ik upleg and uparms give wrong rotation on bones if it's a Right


Rotation Z on bones is not the same on left and right leg if you move leg mid ctl. The left one seems good but the right one has a too small value and compensate translating child bones.
I tried generating the rig just using duplicate guide for the leg not duplicate sym and it fixed the problem but as soon as I say this leg is right when I generate the rig the bug come back it does the same on arms IK.
Is it fixable ?



Hi @alex6ber

Thanks for the feedback

This is a precision limitation from the solver. It is possible to change the value in this situations for the roll spline solver.
Provably the value is set to 1.0 and this position doesn’t evaluate the tangent of curve. Just set the value to .999

However this should not happen. I will fix it ASAP.



Ok, thanks for now I’m baking on another skeleton. So in fact it doesn’t cause problems for me as I use point + orient + aim constaint to bake. So he doesn’t care of the rotation or translation of the bones.
But yes if you want to make a game exporter you’ll neeed to fix this first :slight_smile: