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IKFK match not working properly with basic biped

i saw were this was addressed recently…

… but it appears there’s still some issues with matching (v 4.0.9 & Maya 2023). here are the repro steps…

  1. load in Biped Template Y-up from the mGear menu
  2. build rig
  3. load biped.pkr into anim picker
  4. constrain something to foot_R0_0_jnt & foot_R0_1_jnt
  5. toggle click Leg IK/FK in the picker to see slight offsets incrementing

the bug is more obvious if the character is rigged with feet pointing outward at a greater angle than what is displayed with the default biped.

Hello @kobra

I have created a new ticket to research and fix this.

Thanks for the feedback!