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I'm not sure what the leaf joints are for


  • Are they beneficial for the skin? (they don’t seem helpful to me because they don’t work as “add support jnt” 50/50 between)
  • Are leaf joints used maybe to “add support joints”?
  • Or is it some third trick :slight_smile:

Red joints


It’s useful when creating a custom rig with leaf joints. However, as you already pointed out, it’s not effective for support joints since they are not affected by 50% of the driver’s movement.

By the way, I developed this tool primarily for gimmick joints, but there hasn’t been an official release yet. Therefore, what you need to do is uncomment line 18 in the ‘menu.py’ file under ‘rigbits’. then the tool will appear in the Shifter menu after relaunching Maya.

Check this out.

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Thank you, Jojo :slight_smile: :snowman_with_snow:

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Leaf bones are used for game engines so you can support non uniform scaling safely. What you would do is skin everything exclusively to leaf bones and not their parent.