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Install help for mGear 3.7.11 (Maya 2022)

Hi, I can’t seem to get this installed, or at least it looks like its installed in the plugin manager but I see no mGear menu.

Are you starting Maya 2022 in Python 2 mode on Windows 10? In the release notes, there is a link to more information on how to install.

Sorry, Im not as familiar with some of the processes. Do both methods of switching to python 2 require launching Maya from the command line? I have no idea how to do that.

No, you can also put MAYA_PYTHON_VERSION=2 in your Maya.env file.

Do you have a reason to stick with mGear 3.7.11? If not, just upgrade to the latest mGear 4.x and it will support Python 3.

Oh I wasnt aware of mGear4. Ill try that, thanks!