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Is mgear_rollSplineKine Node like traditional ribbon?

Just a question about the “mgear_rollSplineKine” node. I see it being used in the limbs. does this work like a traditional ribbon? I’m not sure how to use this node on it’s own to test it against a conventional Nurbs Surface ribbon setup.


Just an example of an old school ribbon. I use ribbons a lot in my rigging modules and if there was a way to make them more efficient that would be wonderful.

Hi @dew
Is similar in purpose, but not the same.

the biggest advantage is the node number reduction and speed improvements. (especially in parallel evaluation)

PD: @dew please add the new threads to a category when you create it :wink:

Sorry about that Miquel. I haven’t used forums in so long I completely forgot about the category systems. I will definitely do that from now on.

How would I set up lets say a simple ribbon with a few joints riding along side the curve? And how does it know what the normal direction is such as a nurbs plane? Very cool that it can do all of that under the hood.