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Joint position for rig build

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Maya2022.5 mGear4.1.1

Is it possible to make the joints generated when a rig is built in a position that matches the Loc of the guide?

For example, when I build Chain_Whhip_01, the joints are created at equal intervals regardless of the Loc position of the guide (see image below).
Spine and Arm can create joints in the intended position, but other than that, it is not possible to create joints in the intended position, which I find inconvenient.
Please let me know how to solve this problem.

The chain_whip_01 module isn’t designed to generate in-between joints that match the location of the guide. because there is an option to change the number of joints. if you change that value, it will no longer match the in-between joints to them.

Here is the easiest way to solve the problem:

  • Turn on Override Joints Number, and then increase the number of joints until they approximately match the IK controllers.
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Thanks for the suggestion!
It’s certainly not impossible to do it with the suggestion you gave me…

Actually, it is not limited to chain_whip_01, but any other controller that can control splines is fine.
I was having trouble with other mGear modules except for Spine, Arm, and Leg, because they behave the same way as chain_whip_01.

I don’t think we can tweak the position of the in-between joints of the spine as well, because the in-between guide no longer exists once you draw it on your scene.

In short, those modules you pointed out could be implemented with a feature for replacements. I have no idea how to do it until I take a look at the code though.

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I see…
I guess I didn’t understand a bit.

Does this mean that models with irregularly spaced joints can only be handled individually by Control_01, etc…?