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Leg_2jnt_02 horizontal placement

I want to place leg_2jnt_02 horizontal for character like insects.

After build it, some tweak controls already rotated

and when I move controls, for example leg_ik or leg_upv, tweaks rotates sensitively

my environment
maya 2024.2
mgear 4.1.2

Is there a way to avoid this?
Thank you

It might depend how you rotated and translated the guides.

Ideally you will only rotate XYZ with the “leg” part. The “knee” should have only X-down translation, and only planar rotation in one axis.

If you translate and rotate all three guides, you can sometimes end up with weird orientations. The build doesn’t necessarily automatically solve a clean triangle for you. (Although it would be very nice if it did.)

Thank you Chrislesage

Do you mean I should keep clean plane of three guides which includes root knee and anke?
I kept the plane and rotated leg_root guide 90 degree.

The leg can be rotated however you want.

The knee should only be translated down in X. Rotate the leg to get the angle of the knee. Don’t translate the knee in Y or Z. (When I say “down” I mean down in parent space, not down in world space.)

The ankle should only be translated down in X. Rotate the knee to get the angle of the ankle. Don’t translate the ankle in Y or Z.

That might help fix the problem. Depending on the component it might not even help. It might be a completely different issue! But that is the first thing I would try.

Sorry if I made a mistake

I tried to set guides as you said
1.make leg_2jnt_02
2.set leg_knee translate 3, 0, 0
3.set leg_root rotateY -20
4.set leg_knee rotateY 50
5.set leg_ankle translate 3, 0, 0

After build rig, problem isn’t solved

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Not at all, sorry that I’m guessing without checking. I’ll try to check in Maya sometime this week.

It’s possible the component isn’t behaving properly at that angle, and would need editing in the code.

Maybe as a temporary workaround, you can try by building the guides vertically, and rotating them into place after the build?

Thank you

I tried some methods.Your advice is one of them.

I placed guides verticaly, then build and move ctrls to horizontal position.
Tweak ctrl’s rotation is bit different but sensitive behavior still exists.

Next, I placed guides nearly horizontal 80 degrees from vertical.
Sensitive behavior disappeared but when IK ctrl move over horizontal line, tweak ctrls flip.

For now, I’m temporary using EPIC_leg_02.
It has different problem when place guides exactrly horizontal, which is leg_end_off node has zero scale, so I place guides nearly horizontal.