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Leg 3jnt 02 component scaling issue

i did a custom rig wich is using the 3 jnt leg 02 component but when i scale the full rig through the world ctl, those leg components, if set to IK, do no scale properly.

Can someone reproduce it and have a solution?

Thank you

I get the same issue and I’m currently investigating - I’ll keep you posted if I find anything - can you do the same for me? :slight_smile:

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I found this setting - this seems to connect the scale to the global_C0_ctl.globalScale attribute which you might not have, depeding on your rig setup.

I am using the “Use World Ctl or Custom Name” setting in the guide_root settings - this means the global_C0_ctl.globalScale attribute does not exist. Unchecking the setting in the leg guide makes the rig scale properly for me ( mgear will choose the rig root scale in that case )


Thank you so much Chris