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Less eyelid joints?

Hello, I know mGear isn’t really made for games but I’ve been testing it in Unity and the eyelids seem to work great but the only problem is that it creates 127 joints just for one eyelid. Is there anyway to reduce the number?


As far as I know, there is no option to limit joint count and this might be a cool feature in the facial rigger via UI.
You can easily trick the script building custom eyelid geo, with topology matching desired joint count.
or you can just delete the joints, but I believe the first option is a better way to go.

Thanks for replying Krzym, do you have any advice/details on how I would “trick the script”? I figured I could delete the joints and have been doing it but it’s not really viable alternative.

Edit: Oh I just realized you mean lowering the eyelid topology to generate fewer joints right?

Yep, just build low poly representation and it should work like a charm