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Lip/Eye rigger skip every other vertex?


Hello again,
Before I start digging around the source, is it possible to assign a joint to every other vertex around the main edge loop of the eye or mouth? As opposed to a joint for ever vertex.
I’m exporting for a mobile game and thus trying to cut bones wherever I can. I could always recalculate the procedural weights to a smaller number of bones, but of course if I could do it during creation it would be much better.



Hi @Lucas_Brown,

Is not posible to configure that option. But provably is easy to update the tool to do it. But for the moment I am not planning to add more options.

However if you feel you can do it, we are happy to have more help :slight_smile:


hi lucas,
i can provide the mouth component that miquel wrote for softimage gear_mc. i ported it to maya…
it has only 12 ctl for upper and lower lips…
the only thing is that it has to be build for itsself alone, means as a mouth guide with a ui-controller…then reparent the builded mouth to your builded rig…

(if it is build with the rig hierarchy then the ctls have no curve shape…couldnt find out why…)


Ah yes this would be really helpful!
I’m realizing I want to specify the number of joints, rather than how many spans to skip. I want to be agnostic to the number of spans around the mouth.


here you go…

“mouth_02”-folder goes to …/shifter/components/
applyop.py goes to …scripts/mgear/maya/


Thanks! I’ll be sure to share my additions to the code if I get something good working.