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Lips rigger: Different joint count


Hi there,
In the current project, we have 10+ characters and they share the same face topology.
When building most characters it works well, but with one there is an issue that the lips are generated differently and there is flipped joint count.

With working ones it is like that:
upperLip: 27joints, lowerLip: 23joints
but with this one it’s like:
upperLip: 23 and lowerLip: 27joints.

I suspect that the blendshape is done not carefully and there is an issue with calculating getExtremeVertexFromLoop, I’ve managed to prepare it differently, but maybe for future, it would be cool to avoid that or even create a parameter that would define exact joint count per lip.

I’m attaching a test scene: (there is a blendshape with both models).