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Maximum Smile Issue

If i try to make a max smile face with my mgearman i get some pinching on the mouth corner.
Is there a good/easy way to get him smile even more.

Im not sure if it does get better if i change the topo in that area and make the mouth loops up to the cheek area?

Or should i go for a blendshape if i need it that crazy?

Here is a video showing the issue.

You will need your skin weights to affect a broader area, or adding corrective blendshapes, or building a system like the one Guillaume shows here:


Add some more joints.

Ideally, paint using ngSkinTools, so you can paint this zone underneath the lips, so you don’t change your existing mouth weights.

Blendshapes might work too, but mixing blendshapes and skinning can get tricky.


Thanks i will take a look!