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Maya 2023 install issue

Hi All

Apologies for the incredibly basic problem/question. I’m trying to install mGear on Maya 2023 and am not seeing the menu or shelf. In the plugin manager, mgear_solvers is ticked and I can load an mGear rig and manipulate it, use it. Basically, it feels like mGear is half installed. I cant open the mGear UI or create a rig or anything like that. All I’ve done to install mGear, is to drop the drag_n_drop_install.py into the workspace and follow the prompts. I have installed PyCharm using the AutoDesk Desktop App.

Have I missed a step or is it significant that I’m on Windows 11, is there any other potential problem that I’ve missed?

Thanks, Robbie

EDIT: Just found this thread re Maya 2022, and tried everything listed. No joy…

just to confirm, pymel is installed?

Apologies- typo, I put pycharm instead of pymel. To clarify, if you click on the pyMel option on the Maya installer, does that install it, or merely download it? I just tried to use the pymel library in the maya scripting window and it isn’t recognising it.

probably that is the issue, if import pymel.core as pm fails means that you don’t have pymel installed. Please try to re-install maya and add pymel

Thanks Miquel. I just used the command in the Maya docs and now I can see mgear;

To install the PyMEL package on Windows

From the command prompt, change directory to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya\bin and run

mayapy -m pip install “pymel>=1.2.,<1.3.”

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