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Maya Default Scale Setting


Hi There

Whenever Maya’s default scale settings is set to Millimeters and not centimeters, when you build from selection then the rig setup is wrecked even with the Eye rigger I noticed as well, just wanted to know if this was a known issue or of this is something that could be fixed maybe to be able to build regardless of Maya’s scale settings in millimeters or centimeters.


In general changing Maya’s default scale causes issues with all of Maya’s tools. It’s best to keep it at centimeters and change the scale of your grids to millimeters.


as @hoover900 said. It is not good idea to change the maya units.

Fun fact: I did have one mGear version working correctly with unit changes for a project. Then we realised that also many tools in Maya was also broken. So we roll back to default units, and roll back all the mgear changes because was useless over complicated for nothing.


Cool Thanx, just wanted to make sure.

We don’t have a proper pipeline set up for exporting out of Maya for our Studio yet. So I was mainly wondering how to get around this since the animation that usually gets sent to Houdini as alembics and we try and keep everything at one scale, since there is issues with exporting cameras and scaling them and exporting to Houdini. So things that are right for the Houdini guys is super small for us Maya guys. Meaning more than often I have to rig in millimeters (inconvenient). I’ll try the grid thing and see if that helps. But if all else fails ill just insist on us investing in setting up a proper coding solution for exporting. Mgear is amazing i used it at my previous job at Blackginger in Softimage but stopped using it when we moved over to Maya and Mgear wasn’t as well progressed as now.

So I just recently saw how further along it is and wanted to get back in it again.