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Maya USD Pre-build

I’m trying to build maya-usd for maya 2018, but that’s tough.
Wonder if anyone has maya 2018 windows precompiled versions? Or have a nice tutorial for windows 10 :slight_smile:
Will be checking that again, but not sure where is the problem yet.


maybe this helps?

@Krzym I can honestly say, having compiled USD for 2018 once, definitely go with nvidia release. Or skip to Maya 2020, they have everything pre compiled with an installer.

If you can.

Hi there!
I’ve found Nvidia Builds last week and it’s working alone, although I can not build Autodesk plugins (probably I messed to much with things installed to get it working ^^) Will try it again after the current project on a fresh windows.
I’m still on 2018, but that’s mostly because I do not trust Autodesk a lot - have you switched to it as a studio?

Did you manage to build Autodesk plugins with Nvidia Builds? I had problems with Boost, still figuring it out.

even nvidia mentions on its developer site that building maya usd is a tough thing…
i know from maya 2018 plugin dev that it dont like vs2017…most of plugins i compile for maya 2018 are with vs2015…maybe its a compiler compatibility thing…
concerning dependencies (i.e. boost), maybe you can go with vspkg to get cpmpile the dependencies for your compiler versions…
(just thoughts…)

@soulcage Thanks for tips, will be checking that too. I’m using vs2015, and most of the packages are included both in Pixar USD nad Autodesk Plugin (as far as I understand), but boost is not running somehow.

Also found that: - some builds have already the autodesk plugin included, but not working for me yet.