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Meta Human Skeleton Errors w/extra rig components added

Having some issues trying to add additional rig components to the Epic Meta Human Template.
Seems related to the new naming rules, where the “rule_name” in add_joint() is returning 0 instead of a string. Assuming this is related to center components not having a “Center” token specified.

To Repro:

  1. Import the Mgear-> Shifter-> Guide Template Samples-> Epic Meta Human Template Z Up
  2. Select “neck_C0_head” (You can get the error parenting to other components too)
  3. Add a “chain_spring_01” component (default settings are fine)
  4. Select “guide” and build rig

We get the following output:

# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "C:\Users\apfau\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\guide_manager.py", line 62, in build_from_selection
#     rg.buildFromSelection()
#   File "C:\Users\apfau\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\__init__.py", line 200, in buildFromSelection
#     self.build()
#   File "C:\Users\apfau\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\__init__.py", line 226, in build
#     self.processComponents()
#   File "C:\Users\apfau\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\__init__.py", line 419, in processComponents
#     comp.stepMethods[i]()
#   File "C:\Users\apfau\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\component\__init__.py", line 158, in step_04
#     self.jointStructure()
#   File "C:\Users\apfau\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\component\__init__.py", line 1558, in jointStructure
#     gearMulMatrix=gearMulMatrix))
#   File "C:\Users\apfau\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\component\__init__.py", line 269, in addJoint
#     rot_off=rot_off)
#   File "C:\Users\apfau\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\component\__init__.py", line 324, in _addJoint
#     transform.getTransform(obj))
#   File "C:\Users\apfau\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\core\primitive.py", line 127, in addJoint
#     node.setTransformation(m)
#   File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\core\general.py", line 1817, in createNode
#     res = cmds.createNode(*args, **kwargs)
#   File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\internal\pmcmds.py", line 134, in createNode_wrapped
#     res = new_cmd(*new_args, **new_kwargs)
# RuntimeError: New name has no legal characters.
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Thanks for the feedback @AaronPf I will check this ASAP

I have log it here

Thanks Miquel!
Excited to see the Meta Human Skeleton being supported!


Hello @AaronPf I have fixed the issue
since the joint name is just the number index, Maya was complaining that is not a valid Maya name. Maya doesn’t support names starting with numbers

The solution is simple. In case the name starts with a number it will add the name of the component in front.

I have added some warnings to inform the user. But thinking about more elegant way

Ticket was renamed and moved here


Thanks for the quick fix Miquel!

What’s the best way to pick up this fix right away?

you can manually override this file on your mGear installation


but please backup the old one just in case :wink:

Everything working as expected now, thanks again for the super quick response!

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