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mGear 2.5.24 Available Now!


The new version of mGear is available now in Gumroad https://gumroad.com/l/mgear

Here is a list of some of the most juicy features :slight_smile:

RBF Manager using weightDriver RBF node from Brave Rabbit
Note: You need to download and install the node separately. It is not included with mGear

mGear 2.5: Simple Rig 2.0

New Synoptic tabs:

mGear 2.5: Curve IO

mGear 2.5: Set Driven Key IO

mGear 2.5: Shifter: Custom Steps enhancements

mGear 2.5: SoftTweak Manager Enhancements

Check the release log for the complete list of updates.

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