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mGear 2.5.24 Parallel evaluation


maya version: maya2017 update5
system: windows10

import biped guide and build. that’s it.

it was working in 2.0 and 2.2.


@fuyu Should be working. I will check today to be 100% sure.

have you checked this only happens with a shifter rig?


hi, @Miquel.
I check every single component and everything is fine.
the warning happens when building all components together.
so i try to delete some components and then build.
it works without components “foot_bk_01”.


Hi @fuyu,

I did reproduced the bug. Looks like this is happening since mGear 2.4.0. So the latest stable release for maya 2017 is 2.3.0

I have logged it here: https://github.com/mgear-dev/mgear/issues/225

I will try to fix it ASAP. However we are not using 2017 in production, so maybe take some time.

Please let me know if you find more useful information related with this issue.



Hello again @fuyu

I have found the issue. And is not an mGear bug :slight_smile: But a combination of Maya limitation and mGear default configuration.

It is related with the proxy channels and the UIhost position in the hierarchy.

Solutions 1:
Don,t use proxy channels in Maya 2017 or lower version

Solution 2:
Re-parent the UIhost under the Global ctl or other control that is not in the evaluation cycle

This issue is not happening in Maya 2018

I will close the issue. I hope this solution is OK for you.



thanks @Miquel