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Mgear 3.2.0 Maya 2019 Mac

Hi, im trying to install Mgear 3.2.0 on my mac for Maya 2019. I’ve tried looking at other forums but have been unsuccessful at installing it, even trying to use other users zips. i really need this plugin for my course as i cant animate without it, any help would be appreciated.

You are likely missing the Mac 2019 plugins.

Download the mGear .zip file from here.

The MacOS plugins for Maya 2019 are not included in that release. You can download a version someone else compiled here: Mgear maya 2019 mac support release date?

The plugins from that zip need to go in this folder, except in 2019, instead of 2018. I’m showing you my 2018 folder as an example.

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@Cat_Ward in fact, if all you are doing is animating, and not rigging, you don’t even need to install the rest of mGear. Only those .bundle plugins. That should let you use the rigs.

@chrislesage what would be the best way to install the rest of mgear for mac? thank you for the information on the drivers i’ll make sure to get those into the folder.

  1. Download the mGear .zip file from here.
  2. Put it somewhere on your computer or network.
  3. In your Maya prefs, add to your Maya.env file this line:
    MAYA_MODULE_PATH = /that/path/to/where/you/put/it
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